Taffin on Balance: latest.

And now the job’s done. Ebook already on sale. Book due in bookshops in the near future. I hope readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Taffin is an old mate; it was great to pick up with him and inhabit his world again after so long. Moving on: new novel in progress daily. That’s what authors do. 

Just finished editing first set of proofs. Cover approved (brilliant). Publishers doing a great job. Amazing how much work needs to be done even after the main work is finished. 

As publication date gets closer, focus on detail sharpens up. Reliving the whole story, wondering whether to change a name here, shift a comma there or rephrase a passage of dialogue. Self discipline now requires relaxing muscle memory and LEAVE IT ALONE.

Taffin on Balance off and running now. Next I’ll see of it will be galley proofs. Strangely easy to move on to the next story (short? novel?) at this stage. Keep writing and you won’t have time to dwell on the time everything takes to reach tangible form. 

‘Taffin on Balance’ has taken first steps towards publication. This is a weird time. I’ve been here before but for some reason this one feels special. Perhaps I’ve forgotten – the latest one always does. The cover is clear in my mind (courtesy of a friend of my son’s who’s put it together for me); but the next stage is not so clear. That’s what makes life interesting.

My thanks to Paul Bishop and Gary Lovisi in the United States for their generous reviews of the three previous Taffin novels. I look forward to their opinions of Taffin on Balance. 

IT’S THE WAITING THAT GETS YOU. TAFFIN ON BALANCE will succeed or fail depending on the publisher. I have less control over its fate now it’s finished than I did at the start of Chapter One. Strange.

WHAT NEXT? In this sort of no-man’s-land period, instinct says put your feet up for a bit. Overridden in a heartbeat by another instinct that says: ‘The deck’s clear; write what you like; you haven’t put a foot wrong yet’. Well aware that I have at least five years’ work ready for attention. TAFFIN can look after himself while I line up the next effort. Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.

SO. What next? There’s a short story that’s nearly finished. Haven’t decided on the end – which suggests I may have to look at the beginning again. Ironically, I started this story before TAFFIN ON BALANCE and still haven’t got it right. SO. That’s next.