Strange how the dedications seem to have taken longer to write than the last chapter.  I have to thank my old mate AUSTIN LEGON, for supplying the final two words in the book: ‘Be lucky’. Finally though, I wish to dedicate Taffin on Balance to the memory of my lifelong friend BRIAN LECOMBER, Championship Display Pilot, holder of the Segrave Trophy, and unswerving supporter of the Taffin books from the beginning. Finding succinct phrasing for such a debt of gratitude will always present a challenge. God’s speed Old Chum. 

TAFFIN ON BALANCE is complete, edited, ready to go. This ought to be the ultimate state for a writer. So why am I wandering about, muttering, kicking things and eyeing up the drinks cupboard? The truth is, a group of fictitious characters are mates and I’ve enjoyed spending time with them. They’re all in fine shape. It’s the author who deserves your sympathy. Strangely difficult to let go but in a few weeks this book has to be out there, out of my hands. 

TAFFIN ON BALANCE is the title of my fourth TAFFIN novel. Two chapters to go and looking forward to tying up loose ends by the autumn. It’s amazing living with the old cast many years after TAFFIN first wandered into my subconscious. He has matured a little. He seems to have learnt more than his author in the intervening years.

Taffin moves slowly and thinks fast. No change there then. One of the great luxuries of authorship is never having to lose contact with old friends, and revisiting Lasherham after a long break is like hooking up with old mates. Three chapters in, they’re as fresh in my mind as when we first met.