Starting a novel. Or two.

This is one of those moments ‘They can’t take away from you’. Problem: I have a dilemma. ‘The Road to Aversac’ is out on Kindle, following on from ‘The Hare Lane Diaries’. I’m now on the third in the series, tentatively called ‘Penfold’s World’. This was a reflex and I’m adding to it daily. But… At the same time I’m swept up in the idea for a fourth ‘Taffin’ novel.

This is keeping me awake at nights. Writing is a compulsion and I’m being pulled in two directions. Is it wise – or even healthy – to get immersed in two unconnected worlds at the same time? Don’t know. But I haven’t any choice but to give it a go. I’ll keep you posted. 

This is like standing at the top of a ski run feeling your legs straining to go in different directions and hoping you’re not going to get split down the middle. No injury today: managed to get feet together and took off on ‘Penfold’s World’, which is supposed to be a warm-up exercise at the start of a day’s writing but has taken from nine o’clock this morning until now, just coming up to five. Never thought of writing as nine to five but that’s how it’s been today. Hope it doesn’t read like it.