Having learnt everything I knew about drawing from my father, I only started producing professionally after he died; a kind of salute to him.

The ‘Bucks Peasants’ series started appearing in the Bucks Free Press in the early nineties and ran without missing a week for ten years. As the series developed, I drew on the greats who had influenced my Old Man – H.M.Bateman, Ronald Searl, and later, Jean-Jaques Sempe. I’m not trying to compare myself with any of them – just offering thanks.

If you’d like to know what the ‘Bucks Peasants’ are all about, the link explains everything, complete with Peasant philosophy and clues to the meaning of life. For further enlightenment, browse the Cartoon Gallery.

A spin-off – ‘Miles Millpond’ – somehow acquired a mediaeval literary persona as a ‘poet, peasant and mystic’, and I have dedicated a page to him. I think he was inspired by a copy of Piers the Plowman, which I enjoy reading without necessarily understanding a word. That’s what you get for growing up with a literary cartoonist for a father.

The series of Little-known Instruments is a collection of musical innovations that deserve to exist. What they sound like is up to you.