Starting a novel. Or two.

This is one of those moments ‘They can’t take away from you’. Problem: I have a dilemma. ‘The Road to Aversac’ is out on Kindle, following on from ‘The Hare Lane Diaries’. I’m now on the third in the series, tentatively called ‘Penfold’s World’. This was a reflex and I’m adding to it daily. But… At the same time I’m swept up in the idea for a fourth ‘Taffin’ novel.

This is keeping me awake at nights. Writing is a compulsion and I’m being pulled in two directions. Is it wise – or even healthy – to get immersed in two unconnected worlds at the same time? Don’t know. But I haven’t any choice but to give it a go. I’ll keep you posted.  Continue reading “Starting a novel. Or two.”