The Road to Aversac.

My new novel has just been released. Putting the final word on it has been harder than I expected. However…

THE ROAD TO AVERSAC is rougher and rockier than anyone thinks.

When Jessica decides to leave England and relocate to France, her lodger, Rex, goes along to help her settle in. Their uneasy relationship, which began in ‘The Hare Lane Diaries’, continues as they adapt to the French way of life in Aversac, a town where the shadow of the fountain is the fastest moving thing in sight.

But Aversac is not as sleepy as it looks. The Mayor is determined to twin his town with a comparable one in England. He will not rest until his ambition is fulfilled and when the Twinning project starts, Rex and Jessica are drawn into a maelstrom of local politics for which nothing has prepared them.

Note: Town Twinning – French, Jumelage – a strange habit that starts when a town feels lonely and wants to make contact with the outside world. At such times a small group of locals appoints itself to look for a similar community in some other country – ideally one that offers holiday potential. Invariably the group will thrust some poor sap to the fore, blame him or her when it all goes pear-shaped and take the credit in the unlikely event of anything being achieved.