I am a writer. I write novels, screenplays and radio. Occasionally I draw cartoons, for relaxation and because I can.

My website is designed to introduce you to my work and, for technically-minded readers, how I go about it. Under the heading WRITER’S BLOG you can read my day to day ramblings, which is an attempt to keep a record of the problems, triumphs and turmoil writers deal with.

Sooner or later, most writers are asked what got them started. For me, that’s simple. There was a venerable Olympia typewriter on a table beside my father’s easel. It was black and upright and I was allowed to thump on the keys so long as there was paper in it. My father used it for typing the captions which he pasted on to his cartoons. Macs, Photoshop and Indesign were improbable sci-fi back then.

As a kid, I thought being an adult meant you got up in the morning, went to the easel and drew cartoons. I watched the drawings appear, then the words. Anything I wanted to know about either, I just had to ask. That typewriter brought everything to life. I still have it.

Learning to type and draw doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a living. I worked on industrial magazines until the outdoors beckoned, then I became road manager of a flying circus (an option that isn’t normally available) commentating at air-shows in exchange for being taught to fly. Then, in search of a career, I went into advertising as a copywriter and finally became a Creative Director.

Being ‘management’ didn’t leave time for writing and eventually I decided it was time to commit to my work. The decision had to be final or it wouldn’t mean a thing. I was lucky to be published during my advertising career. Luck is crucial, but it runs on dedication. The upshot is that when I’m writing, nothing else matters. When I’m drawing cartoons, that’s all I think about. Why limit yourself?